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Weight loss shouldn’t be the only goal of your fitness journey; building strength and power, and challenging your body and mind are most people’s main motivations. However, some people like to use a weight loss supplement to increase their metabolism, reduce their body fat, and balance their higher carbohydrate intake on their journey to their goals.

Glucose disposal agent (GDA)’s main role is to reroute the calories you consume from carbohydrates towards your muscles to stop them from being stored as fat.

If you’re consuming more carbohydrates to provide your body with extra energy on your workout journey, it’s understandable to be concerned about weight gain, but consuming glucose disposal agent via a GDA supplement can help.

Our Complete Strength GDA Capsules (150 capsules per tub) are designed to decrease the amount of insulin your body releases after a carb-heavy meal; instead, our GDA supplement takes on the role of insulin, shuttling glucose into muscle cells so less insulin needs to be released.

By encouraging glucose towards muscle cells and away from fat cells, the glucose disposal agent can lead to decreased fat gain and increased muscle gain. Take a GDA supplement with your carb-loaded pre-workout meal for the best results.

Alternatively, our Complete Strength Complete Shredz formula provides you with weight loss capsules that can help you to burn extra fat on your journey to your goals. This is a fat burner like you’ve never seen before, with patented ingredients including Bioperine®, Innoslim®, and Paradoxin®. Each Complete Shredz tub contains 90 servings - based on 3 servings per day, this should provide you with a 30-day supply.

If you’re looking for food supplements to support your performance, we also stock glutamine and creatine powder.