SLEEP aid - Cherry


Complete Strength Sleep Aid is an advanced sleep formula contain all-natural ingredients. Complete Strength Sleep Aid has been formulated to contain no quick fix sleep products but instead has been formulated to allow natural seep pathways to improve.

Which will, in turn, help to promote deeper, improved sleep patterns.

Complete Strength Sleep Aid will not leave you drowsy and unfulfilled like other sleep aids. It has been designed to allow you to use the product year-round and to wake up energised and revitalised to attack tomorrow.


Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 3.5g (1 Scoop) | Servings Per Container: 30

L-Tryptophan | 1000mg

Magnesium Bisglycinate | 500mg

Vitamin B5 | 400mg

Tart Cherry Powder | 400mg

L-Theanine | 400mg

5-HTP | 200mg

Valerian Root Extract | 200mg

Zinc Monomethionine | 30mg

Vitamin B6 | 17.5mg

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