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A weight lifting belt could help you to hone your lifting technique, supporting your core muscles and your back while you train. At Complete Strength, we have a range of weight belts in our signature bold black, white, and red branding, designed to give you the support you need while you lift.

Our weight lifting belts are made using soft leather and are finished with custom embroidery, making them the perfect powerlifting accessory.

You need to hone your lifting technique before you start wearing a gym belt, but when you’re ready, the right belt can help to give your back more stability while you lift. A good powerlifting belt should help you to brace more aggressively - when you brace your core muscles, the belt should still feel tight, which can support you in improving your core strength.

Complete Strength Weight Lifting Belts

Our weight belts are available in three different sizes, so you can find an option that provides you with the comfort and support you need. To work out which size of lifting belt is right for you, make sure you measure around the area where you’re going to be wearing the belt, which will be much higher than a typical trouser belt.

Our weight belts come in the following sizes: small (28” to 36”), medium (32” to 40”), and large (36” to 44”). Inhale, then tighten the belt around your waist to make sure it’s in the right position before you start lifting to give your back the best possible support while you train.

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