• HBCD (80 Servings)
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    HBCD, also known as Highly Branched Cluster Dextrin, is a high-class performance carbohydrate that is taking the sports nutrition world by storm. Manufactured in Japan, HBCD is produced using a unique enzyme, that forms a...

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Carbohydrates are just as important as protein when you’re fuelling your body for a workout - carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy.

If you’re supporting your fitness journey with a strict nutrition plan, it’s understandable if you don’t want to consume too many refined carbohydrates, but carb powder and other types of carbohydrate supplement are a brilliant way to boost your intake while staying on track to your goals.

Our Complete Strength HBCD Powder is a carb supplement that needs to be part of your exercise routine, to provide your body with essential energy, and support your workout performance.

HBCD stands for Highly Branched Cluster Dextrin, which provides a source of energy to the body, helping you to train harder and longer, and recover faster. HBCD is absorbed into the bloodstream gradually, helping to ensure your blood sugar levels remain consistent before, during, and after your workout. This rapidly digesting carb powder supports your post-workout recovery, with no bloating.